We’ve been wedding planning, my eight year old and I. The flowers were the perfect shades of pink, the dessert carefully chosen (not too sweet, but with a hint of almond), the music just right, and then there were the words. Beautiful, powerful words that snuck up on me and made me cry through my smile. It was a perfect moment in time, when all was right with the world. The agenda that had seemed so important earlier in the day had evaporated as vapor. The list of to-dos and waiting laundry, so recently weighing down my soul, were  briskly plucked from their unrightful place of power. The urgency of that which is temporal had been replaced, if only for a moment, with that which is beautiful, truthful, and eternal.

We conspired together, my beautiful girl and I, on the back porch. The boys were away and the house was quiet. With excited anticipation, we had talked of this moment for the last several weeks. The time had finally come to finish our book, and it was bittersweet. As we read the last chapter, I was surprised by my tears. I had been touched down deep in a place that was typically reserved for grown-up, real-life situations. But this little girls’ book, so full of life and laughter, struck a tender spot in my heart, and I could hardly finish.

We sipped our tea and nibbled our scones, my sweet girl smiling her toothy grin and chuckling at her mom. We ate, we drank, we listened, we felt deeply.  We experienced a taste of joy. It was sacred ground. For this, we were made.  We are wedding planners.

“What would happen if we did invite our children into our theology, to dance, to improvise, to play and to draw beautifully?  You see, it does have to do with the Gospel, in our true identity as the heirs of Christ, as princes and princesses of the Great King.  The Feast is to come, the Wedding about to start.

A wedding is planned:  and it will require all of our senses, and all of the arts.  What wedding have you attended that did not include all of the arts:  dance, poetry, design, fashion, culinary crafts?  By advocating for the arts, we are planning for the Cosmic Wedding to come.  Christians are wedding planners.”       Makoto Fujimura


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