The Mind of the Maker:  Week 2 (Chapter 3 & 4)
If you’re not reading with us, that’s ok… Each post shares one idea found in the text. 

We live in a beautiful, broken world.  I’m amazed by watching folks who, rather than becoming cynical, work passionately to restore.  They make a difference.  They offer hope.

Lynne stepped into the lives of a Somali refugee family in Charlotte several years ago. They are not a project for her – they are her friends.  She has gathered a team of folks who invest significant time and boundless love in the everyday lives of each member of the family.  The destiny of this family, and of countless generations to come, is different because Lynne knew what she did (and did not) have to  offer.  Then she acted.  The children are thriving, and the mother became an American citizen a few weeks ago.  Hope restored.

Ruth responded to a phone call from the chaplain of the county jail. The women who end up in jail are frequently in their situation as a result of abusive histories.  The chaplain wanted a woman to step into their lives to listen, pray, and offer a different paradigm for life.  A weekly Bible study evolved into Changed Choices, a discipling-modeled ministry for incarcerated women and their families.  Their success rate is unparalleled, and families (as well as communities) are being transformed. Hope restored.

Dustin, has invested in the lives of children, teens, and communities all over the world. When he learned of the local refugee population in Charlotte, he developed a vision for the Charlotte community’s response.  As a result, Project 658 is actively engaged in bringing hope to the places in our city (as well as in Africa, Mexico, other areas of the world) where hope is most needed. Hope restored.

Sam had a dream to inspire, encourage, and foster a “holy imagination” in those who have children in their lives.  This week, he launched Story Warren, a site dedicated to breathing beauty into those who breathe into the lives of little ones.  We frequently hear of the woes of this generation. Story Warren is an ally in the fight for all that is good.  Hope restored.

Restoration is happening, through these people and countless others.  The folks on the giving end frequently receive more than they give. Hope flows both ways.  Impact, however, doesn’t start with programs, organizations, or projects.  What is the genesis? Take a few minutes and watch the following video.  Think about it.  Take notes.  Share it.  Watch it again.

(This is a link to a video embedded in a website.  Click on “The Next Christians” then scroll down to watch. Sorry for any confusion – the video is not on Youtube, so it was tricky to link.)

Video: The Next Christians

Gabe Lyons asks the questions, “What would happen if we showed up to the world’s problems as creators, rather than critics? . . . What would happen if we show up to create solutions to the systematic problems that could have caused the brokenness to start in the first place?”  Then he walks through the model of what form that might take:

1) Provoked – Hope stimulates vision/ a call to action
2) Creative –  Creativity makes vision a reality
3) Calling – Implementation translates into mission, and response is evoked

What correlation exists between Gabe Lyons’s charge to the “next Christians”of this generation and Dorothy Sayers’s message from the WWII generation?

In chapter 3 of The Mind of the Maker, Dorothy Sayers outlines her view of the creative trinity as follows: “For every work (or act) of creation is threefold, an earthly trinity to match the heavenly.” (p.37) In a nutshell:

1) Creative Idea – The guiding, unseen image (reflective of God)
2) Creative Energy – The idea worked out into activity (image of the Word)
3) Creative Power –  Meaning of the work and the response evoked (image of the indwelling Spirit)

See the similarity?

Idea. . .  begets activity. . . begets impact. . .brings hope

The creative process extends well beyond art, writing, and music.  We are given limitless opportunities to engage with the world around us – to bring hope.

~ Where have you seen the creative process result in bringing hope to others?

~ What stirs in you heart as you see “systematic brokenness” in the world?  Remember – it all starts with being provoked/ the “idea.”


It’s not too late to join us as we read through The Mind of the Maker this summer.  We’d love to have you.

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5 thoughts on “Hope Restored

  1. This is so, so good. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking of this book as one for “creatives” (I mean that in the “creatives rant” sense too. :)), so I like seeing how you applied it to the many beautiful ways people bring hope.

    I heard Gabe Lyons do a similar talk last year, and it was inspiring to me, both in my workplace and in my writing pursuits. And this reminds me that I have The Next Christians book and should probably read it soon.

    1. Jen – Gabe Lyons was a new discovery for me this week. After watching a few of his videos, I’m convinced that “he’s on to something.” I think that The Next Christians will be finding its way to my bookshelf as well.