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“Two thousand years, and half a world away…
Dying trees still grow greener when we pray.”

 Bruce Cockburn

Welcome! I’m so very glad that you’ve stopped by to visit. My name is Julie Silander. After living in and loving corporate America, I came home to be with my family. I’ve learned to “bloom where I am planted” and am deeply grateful. For my beautiful family. For my amazing friends. For struggle and redemption. For the hope of greener trees and for eyes to see them.

This blog is about finding hope in the everyday. In the struggles of life. In the people around us. In great art, movies, music, and books. And ultimately, in the Author of all Hope. It offers a cheer to “keep pressing on” in the midst of all that life brings your way.

me –

I  grew up in a small town in eastern Tennessee. I spent the bulk of my childhood and teenage years at the dance studio taking classes, rehearsing, and teaching. Furman University completed my education as a true southerner, as well as granting a degree in Business Administration. I was fortunate to secure a job at a thriving bank and thoroughly enjoyed my time in corporate America. Life took an unexpected turn from “the plan”, as it has a habit of doing, when I met David. A single dad with two young children, he became a dear friend and confidant. Within a fairly short period of time, he also became my husband.

After only four months of marriage, we moved to Charlotte, which I am grateful to say is still our home. I eventually left the bank and have been home full-time since the birth of our now 16 year old son. Two more babies arrived in the next few years, and our proverbial nest is full with five children, a daughter-in-law and a son-in law. We think they’re all pretty great.

Yet another detour from the expected path of choices – we tripped and fell into the world of homeschooling when the oldest (of our young ones) was a toddler. Having had children in public school, Christian school, and school at home, there is no doubt upside and downside to each option;  however, I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to craft educational and life experiences for this particular period in time. Much of my writing is an outflow of our family reading and “field trip” experiences.

I spend most of my day schooling our youngest children and floundering through managing our home. I’m a vision girl, and detail is not my strong suit. In recent years, it has been an honor and a joy to put some of my work experience to use in the local ministries which we love and support. I train for the occasional race, attempt to read too many books at once, and love nothing more than curling up and watching a good movie with my husband.

And I write from time to time. In addition to Greener Trees, I’m a contributor to Redemption’s Road and Story Warren. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to stop by. Please come again.

Me with my editor, husband, movie and occasional jogging buddy. He’s a good man.

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